Monday, January 28, 2013

The LIFE project had its official end in December, but SPEA's team remain active and Corvo Island is still one of our priorities! Meanwhile you can help keeping the results achieved with this project and other SPEA projects visiting the following site and sharing this campaign! Today the the Azores Bullfinch, tomorrow Corvo!

Did you know that in Portugal you can find one of the rarest birds of Europe? And that it is rare because in recent years it has been losing its habitat due to the action of Man?

In recent years SPEA has been struggling against the extinction of Azores Bullfinch, restoring their habitat. However this project will end and the survival of Azores Bullfinch is in risk again.

If you don’t want the Azores Bullfinch to become "Critically Endangered" again, please contribute to this cause. Any help is precious. If you can not contribute, please resend this email or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The Azores Bullfinch thanks you!